What We Do

We build best in class customer experience for startups and small businesses through a combination of robust scalable outsourced solutions, innovation, and technology.

Our Custom Solutions

We help startups and small businesses deliver an exceptional customer experience at any stage of growth

Revenue Generation

  • Inbound and Outbound Sales
  • Customer Outreach
  • Upsell Programs
  • Renewal Programs

Customer Experience

  • Customer Care and Service
  • Retention & Loyalty Programs
  • New Customer Welcome
  • Courtesy Outreach

Technical Support

  • Product, App & Software Support
  • B2B Product, App, & Software Support
  • Company Help Desk
  • Tier 2 & Advanced Technical Support

Digital Customer Experience

  • Email Service & Support
  • Online Chat
  • Social Media
  • Online Reviews & Reputation Management

Media & Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing and Engagement
  • Page Management
  • Content Development
  • Graphic Design

Administrative Support

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Data Entry & Validation
  • eCatalog Management
  • Image Retouching

Our Core Experience

We offer an unparalleled diversity of experience in different industries and verticals including:

Luxury Online eCommerce

Fashion eCommerce

Digital Entertainment

Online Education & Learning

People Search Services


  • Customer Service
  • Acquisition & Sales
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Loyalty & Retention

Transformative Results

Traditional outsourcing partnerships consist of a client and provider working together to meet key objectives, usually under the direction of the client. This “tell us what to do” approach may work for an organization with an established operational leadership structure, where innovation comes from within. This doesn’t work in the startup and small business community.

While meeting sales targets or service levels is important, our partnership approach is centered around building a better customer experience through innovation and operational excellence.

Leveraging analytics and decades of industry experience we’ll identify opportunities to generate revenue (Upsells) or enhance your growth marketing efforts no matter the size or maturity of your venture. We’ll help you establish operations if you’re just getting started and provide the framework and support to scale the operations as your business grows.

Why CallTastic?

We Know What Works

Our expert leadership delivers decades of real world experience in establishing and scaling a robust customer experience strategy from day one

Data Driven Decisions

Our Custom Analytics engine allows leadership to make informed decisions faster with key business data at your fingertips.

Beyond Conventional Outsourcing

Our solutions include strategic consultative support at no additional cost. Our experts will take a holistic approach to improving the customer experience and your business.

Global Footprint

We leverage the global business community to reduce costs without sacrificing quality outcomes.