Who We Are.

A global team of successful entrepreneurs, industry veterans, and customer experience fanatics disrupting the traditional outsourcing paradigm



We’ll analyze your business and customer demographics, provide you a strategic framework for you to deliver customer support for your venture, and then we’ll execute it for you!

Forward-Thinking Culture

Our progressive company culture cultivates innovation and excellence because we are as committed to our employees as we are to you.

We are industry veterans passionate about driving entrepreneurial economy and helping entrepreneurs be more successful in their customer experience and customer support strategy.

Our Story

It All Started with Flowers!

In the summer of 2019, Leo Lopez, Principal Consultant and Co-founder of a boutique consulting agency, partnered with Venus Et Fleur Founders Nick Chadha, Sunny Chadha, and Seema Bansal to help optimize and scale their customer support strategy.

Unhappy with their current partner in the Caribbean, the team initially considered bringing their customer service operations back in-house. While exploring available options, Nick and Leo took a fateful trip to Tijuana and toured some prospective call center service providers.

Nick and Leo were disenchanted with what they saw. Facilities were not well cared for. Floors were over-packed with workstations and employees, and they heard countless stories from employees about toxic work environments and exploitative business practices.

Nick and Leo discussed and agreed they could do far better by creating an employee-centric company to ethically serve Venus Et Fleur.

Soon enough, they began sharing these best practices with other startups and small businesses struggling with their customer service. CallTastic Ventures was born!

Better than traditional outsourcing.

We don't expect you to have all the answers. We don't even expect you to have all the questions. You're a startup, a growing venture. Not a Fortune 500. We get you.

You're our kind of people.

We know you don't have the time or resources you need. We've made it our business to perfect customer support, providing you the resources you need, and freeing up your time so you can focus elsewhere.